Is your shop front bringing in customers?

As a store owner, keeping your shop front design fresh and up to date can be difficult. Though many chain stores have to follow a specific brand guideline which they have been handed, independent store owners are working with their own design in mind. We have spoken before about the benefits of having bi-folding doors for your shop front, but it’s also important to know how to design around it to get the most from your investment.

Shop front design

When putting together the design for your shop front, you first need to establish the selling point for your store. First impressions are important, so you want your shop front to look inviting, as well as being a reflection of your service. Is your brand obvious? Is your display informative to the consumer? Will it leave people wanting to come in to see more?

Branding on your shop front

For customer loyalty, you need to keep up appearances. The shop front is the first thing people see, so if you don’t take care of it, you have a lower chance of bringing people in. this could have a big negative impact on your business.

By creating an eye catching shop front design, you have a higher chance of bringing in more consumers. It’s also important to make sure that the branding design is clean, clear and correct so people know where they are and what they are in for.

Shop colour scheme

A colour scheme is common in every well known store. Think about the main supermarkets around the UK, name them and then the colour that goes with them. They’re just so easy to remember! A colour scheme is there to grab people’s attention and make them think about you more. A good colour scheme choice for your shop front, as well as throughout, can turn into brand recognition, bringing in more customer loyalty.

It’s important to remember to stay consistent with your colour scheme and make sure it is relevant to your brand and the image you want to reflect onto potential customers. It is otherwise pointless to mix and match colours that hold no relevance to your brand or services.

As we have mentioned in the past, your business can go a long way after hours as well if you choose to invest in powder coating for your shop front shutters. If you were to pick a colour that goes in line with your branding, your business is likely to be recognised even when you’re closed.

Making your shop pop on the high street

The high street is a busy place, but if you’re based in the heart of the shopping environment, it would be difficult to go unnoticed. It’s important to avoid clutter in and around your shop front so it doesn’t look too busy and overcrowded. Focus on your favourite items you wish to display in and around your shop front, and don’t go overboard with advertisement messages. Again, colour scheme is important and a well designed shop sign will have a big impact on bringing in customers.

Shop front for cafes and bars

The way your furniture is displayed can have a big effect on how passers by view your business. Think about what seating looks most welcoming, bring that to the shop front so people are more likely to wander in for a place to relax before continuing with their day. Hard furniture may be easy to move around, but it doesn’t look so inviting when they wish to put their feet up mid-shop.


By ensuring that your shop front is appealing to the eye, internally and externally, you have a much higher chance of bringing in more customers. You will want to make the best first impressions, so having a well designed display and colour scheme in your shop front are key for grabbing people’s attention. If you want to bring a splash of colour to your shop, then why not take a look at our available powder coating colours for your shop front shutters, or get in touch to discuss how our experts can help your business make a great first impression.

For more information on shop fronts, please get in touch via our contact page.

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